How It Works

A Revolutionary Tool For Hearing Protection 

Sert-A-Plug Earplug Application Tools revolutionary technology transforms troublesome disposable soft foam earplugs into a great product by eliminating employee fingers from fitting earplugs, and providing endusers a tool that fits foam earplugs “Right & Tight!”

Sert-A-Plug is a reusable risk aversion safety tool, and is compatible with most brands of foam earplugs. Clean tool tip and fingers before reusing with your favorite brands of foam earplugs.

Sert-A-Plug Tools:

Your company’s best frontline defense against Noise Induced Hearing LossStandard Threshold Shifts and Ototoxins in the workplace…Period!

  1. Pull ear up and out with opposite hand.
  1. Insert tip into opening of the ear canal and align with ear canal and depress plunger.
  1. After earplug is fully inserted into ear canal …
  1. Remove from ear and repeat the procedure in other ear.


  • Safe, healthier, more efficient.
  • Provides a superior fitting experience.
  • Eliminates hand contaminants such as dirt, oils, metals, and bacteria from entering users ear canals via earplug.
  • See our Safety Memo for more information.