Cost Comparison: Sert-A-Plug fitting v.s traditional method of disposable soft foam earplug fitting

Safety and Production Managers understand man-hour loss is a major issue including employees fitting disposable soft foam earplugs, as inexpensive earplug costs escalate when factoring in lost man-hours and loss production due to erroneous industrial sector DSFE fitting issues. Following the generally recommended manufacturer fitting instructions of holding each DSFE in place for expansion, suggests that even the most experienced DSFE user will need a minimum of two minutes to fit a pair of DSFE while only needing 20 seconds to fit a pre-loaded Sert-A-Plug tool.

Fit it ‘Right & Tight’ with the ‘hardest working tool’ in hearing protection and protect your employees hearing!

Don’t let erroneous earplugs fittings disrupt your BOTTOM-LINE!