Cost Comparison: Sert-A-Plug fitting v.s traditional method of disposable soft foam earplug fitting

Safety and Production Managers understand man-hour loss is a major issue with employees fitting disposable soft foam earplugs (DSFE) as inexpensive DSFE costs escalate when factoring in lost man-hours and loss production due to industrial sector DSFE fitting issues. Following the generally recommended manufacturer fitting instructions of holding each DSFE in place for expansion suggests that even the most experienced DSFE user will need a minimum of two minutes to fit a pair of DSFE while only needing 20 seconds to fit Sert-A-Plug. Two minutes may under-estimate the time to fit DSFE in the industrial sector, it will allow us to calculate the approximate time and costs of fitting DSFE v.s Sert-A-Plug for this hypothetical cost comparison example.

Below we provide two equations that managers can utilize for comparing the man-hour fitting costs of DSFE v.s Sert-A-Plug man-hour saving technology.

Equation #1: (number of employees x fit time x number of fittings per day x number of days worked per week x number of weeks worked per year ÷ 60 x employee wage) is used to estimate the costs expended for employees to fit hearing protection.

Equation #2: (number of employees x number of fittings per day x number of days worked per week x weeks worked per year) is for estimating the number of DSFE/Sert-A-Plugs used…Use your wage rates and fitting times to calculate your cost savings. Wage rates differ from billing rates.

Using our equations for the following hypothetical cost comparison utilizing 100 employees: Each employee earns $25 per-hour, change hearing protection 8 times a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year. 

One employee with workplace ‘Noise Induced Hearing Loss’ can escalate the cost of earplugs and your insurance premium…Don’t let earplugs disrupt your BOTTOM-LINE!

DSFE Annual Cost

to provide and fit 100 employees
employees x 2 minute fit = 200 minutes
200 minutes x 8 fits per day = 1,600 minutes
1,600 minutes x 5 days = 8,000 minutes
8,000 minutes x 52 weeks = 416,000 minutes
416,000 minutes ÷ 60 = 6,933 hours
6,933 hours x $25 per hour = $173,325

208,000 pairs of DSFE @ $0.20 pr. = $41,600
$41,600 + $173,325 fit costs = $214,925

Your company’s DSFE purchasing costs/fittings may vary

Sert-A-Plug Annual Cost

to provide and fit 100 employees
employees x 20 second fit = 33.3 minutes
33.33 minutes x 8 fits per day = 266.6 minutes
266.6 minutes x 5 days = 1,333.3 minutes
1,333.3 minutes x 52 weeks = 69,333.3 minutes
69,333.3 minutes ÷ 60 = 1,155.5 hours
1,155.5 hours x $25 per hour = $28,887

208,000 Set-A-Plugs @ $0.75 unit = $156,000
$156,000 + $28,887 fit costs = $184,887

Your company’s Sert-A-Plug purchasing costs/fittings may vary

Comparison Results

DSFE costs            $214,925
Sert-A-Plug costs $184,887
Cost Difference    $30,038
Man-hours Saved   5778
                    x $25 per hr wage
Estimated Savings: $144,450
Combined Estimated Savings:
Man-hours               $144,450
Comparison savings $30,038
Estimated Savings  $174,488 = $1,744.88 per employee

Hourly wage rates differ from billing rates…Use your billing rates to realize additional savings