Safer, Faster, Hygienic Hearing Protection

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Sert-A-Plug: The New Standard In Hearing Protection Compliance!

Now available: Hands-free fitting of the #1 hearing protection product in the world!

The Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Application Tool is a quick, easy and safe way to reduce your employee’s exposure to Noise Induced Hearing LossStandard Threshold Shifts and Ototoxins. Sert-A-Plug has patented technologies that prevent earplug contamination! Users have a better, healthier and more efficient solution to the traditional method of hand fitting disposable soft foam earplugs (DSFE). Sert-A-Plug features two premium DSFE each with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Noise Reduction Rating of 32 (NRR 32).

Sert-A-Plug Provides: 

  • Better hearing protection  minimizing employee exposure to hazardous noise levels.
  • Reduced ear infections — hygienic applicator preventing the transfer of dirt, oils, metal & bacteria onto earplugs.
  • Ease of application — simple, efficient and easy to use for properly fitting earplugs.