Safer, Faster, Hygienic Hearing Protection

Sert-a-Plug Orders

Sert-A-Plug: The Foam Earplug Tool.

Bringing consistency to foam earplug fittings.

Sert-A-Plug is reusable and fits most foam earplug brands, providing users with a superior, healthier, and more efficient solution to the traditional method of hand fitting disposable soft foam earplugs (DSFE). 

Sert-A-Plug features two premium DSFE with a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 (NRR 32). Reload with the appropriate NRR foam earplug to suit your needs.

Tools Provide:

  • Superior foam earplug fittings —Foam earplugs fit “Right and Tight!” minimizing exposure to hazardous noise levels.
  • Reduced ear infections — Hygienic applicator preventing the transfer of dirt, oils, metal, and bacteria onto earplugs.
  • Ease of application — Simple, efficient, and easy to use over and over again!