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Your employees are in danger of industrial injuries every workday. Fortunately your safety department can now mitigate the costly litigation and liabilities associated with your employees’ exposure to the dangers of Noise Induced hearing loss (NIHL), Standard Threshold Shifts (STS) and Ototoxins with the Sert-A-Plug Earplug Applicator an innovative patented risk aversion safety product. Sert-A-Plug is the new standard in hearing protection compliance and can make your employees safer and more productive.

Employees depend on your safety department to provide them with the best hearing protection available. Many employees choose disposable soft foam earplugs (DSFE) to protect their hearing. DSFE represent the #1 hearing protection device in the industrial sector. Unfortunately DSFE have some very costly problems inherent with hand application including:

  • Inefficient hand fitting contributes to employee exposure to NIHL and STS leading to man-hour loss, worker compensation claims, insurance premium increases.
  • Ear infections attributed to soiled earplugs from dirt, oils, metals and bacteria increase man-hour loss and workers compensation claims.
  • Production loss from excessive time employees take to properly fit DSFE. Sert-A-Plug patented features are specifically designed to eliminate the unhygienic and unreliable finger roll down and hand fit providing your employees a safe, healthier and more efficient solution to the traditional method of fitting DSFE.

Industrial Ear Plug Applicator

Your safety department is encouraged to monitor employee usage and response as verification of Sert-A-Plug’s superior performance and efficiency. Incorporate Sert-A-Plug into your hearing loss prevention program and we will include your company into our safety department customer service marketing initiative. Contact us and we will closely monitor your inventory and employee usage to identify your company’s unique hearing protection needs and to provide your safety department a superior customer service experience.

Schedule one of our safety experts to visit your facility for a personal training session in the proper usage and special risk aversion attributes of Sert-A-Plug.

Sert-A-Plug is biodegradable and your best frontline defense in the workplace to protect the health and hearing of your employees and your company bottom-line.

Sert-A-Plug…Because It’s Loud Out There!


Top ten finalist of the OSHA/NIOSH/MSHA Prestigious 2016 Hear And Now Noise Safety Challenge Awards.